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We have recently released a number of short plays in a radio format as below.  We are now considering plays for future on-line release.

Our sincere thanks to those who have continued to support us through difficult times.

December 11th at 8pm

We released three short plays,
available on-line for 24 hours

An Awesome Award by Nicholas Richards

Chilled WIne by Dorothy Lambert

Lady and the Tyger by Trace Crawford

January 22nd at 8pm

A second series of three:

Menage a Trois by David Evans

30 Love by Dorothy Lambert

Once More unto the Breach Dear Vernon! by  Mark Waghorn

By arrangement with Pint Sized Plays and Lazy Bee Scripts.

Downloading is strictly forbidden.

Note: We still hope to do a stage production again one day but it won't be until spring 2022 at the earliest.

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Please note that the Theatre Group have now moved their headquarters to Loddon Hall in Twyford.